Fancy Mama offers a three-month residency and $25,000 stipend to rising writers and directors who have proven their dedication to the craft of filmmaking.
What do we mean by "dedication to the craft?"

We mean that as a rising voice in the film industry, you've produced, written, directed or edited at least one film that has enjoyed public play & recognition – digitally or through theatrical release. If you're still cutting your teeth, check back in once you've got some work you're ready to share.
As Resident at Fancy Mama:

You'll spend half your time on solo projects of your choosing, including the production and screening of one short film during your time in Chattanooga.

You'll spend the other half of your time working with Fancy Rhino's creative team on select commercial projects to build your reel.
The $25,000 stipend.

As a resident at Fancy Mama, you'll receive the competitive three-month living stipend of $17,500 during your stay. This can go a long way in our little town.

In addition, $7,500 is reserved by the program to support the production of your short film and to screen your work for the community.
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